AI can have a substantial impact on businesses, but to maximize its value, companies should adopt a comprehensive approach. By integrating strategy, process redesign, and both human and technical capabilities, we can form the foundation of an AI-driven organization, leading to outcomes that propel businesses forward.

Companies leading in AI, which are transforming entire industries, don't merely employ AI—they thrive on it. With the advent of generative AI opening AI's capabilities to more businesses, the community of AI pioneers is set to expand. However, achieving this requires a comprehensive strategy. It's essential not only to grasp how AI can enhance business outcomes but also to rethink processes, encourage adoption, and cultivate the necessary skills, roles, and governance. Our role is to help companies orchestrate these elements effectively, enabling them to implement AI broadly and maximize its impact.

Our research indicates that fully integrating AI is a critical characteristic shared by forward-thinking companies that excel across financial and non-financial metrics. By structuring organizations around AI, we unlock its potential. Establishing the right roles, responsibilities, and culture is as crucial as refining the algorithms themselves. As generative AI makes AI accessible to companies lacking extensive data science resources, this holistic approach becomes indispensable for gaining a competitive advantage.

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